5 Best Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2022

5 Best Email Marketing Tools to Use in 2022

Marketers have the common duty of generating business for their companies or clients heavily relying on a number of communication platforms ranging from email to social media i.e. all communication trends that can successfully sustain dialogue between brands and their audience. They educate people, drive conversions, and create a positive brand recognition regardless of the size of the client-company.

However, in business, the email as a communication trend stands out from the rest. It is very fast and not restricted by borders or time zones. Statistics say that about 73% of people use email as the main source of their business communications. Email opens up the business to potential customers from different parts of the world.

Email marketing tools can educate customers about business products and services. It can be used to publicize business news and events. Email marketing tools can be used to make sales and create awareness on promotions and special offers. With email marketing tools you can also promote blog content.

Here are some of the email marketing tools that you can use to take your business to greater heights in 2022


Getresponse an online email platform with a deliverability rate of 99.5% for email marketing software, landing page creator, webinar hosting etc. This email marketing tool helps a digital marketer to create a valuable marketing list of potential clients and helps build a great working relationship with them, this in turn increases the customer base. Getresponse comes with significantly more advanced automation features and is cheaper than Aweber. It is also more of an “all-in-one” solution than Aweber. It ensures your emails reach your destination inboxes.



Other features include;



  • A drag and drop newsletter editor withy ready to use templates.
  • It uses autoresponders to follow-up automatically with customers providing them with information, offers and other forms of friendly communications.
  • You can use conversion funnel to sell more products.
  • You can create automation workflows that creates a process that makes you see your customers’ experience.

Active Campaign:

active campaign

Active campaign assists marketing, sales and service professionals all through a convenient portal. It has a user friendly interface, extensive analytics and it is cost effective. Active campaign helps users to identify the campaigns that are most effective via split A/B testing and its marketing automation affords users the privilege of “set it and forget it”. It makes digital marketing a little simpler.



Other features include;



  • A lot of already designed email templates.
  • It tracks events and communicates customized messages with customers based on specific interactions.
  • Automated sales CRM




This is an intuitive email marketing tool that allows marketers to organize effective small campaigns. It includes all you need to grow your business. It has personalization features like segmentation and automation and offers a lot of marketing tools like Facebook ads and retargeting.



Other features include;



  • Drag and drop designs
  • Smart scheduling functions
  • And Automation workflow templates.


Zoho email marketing tool engages customer base and drive sales using amazing email templates and real time analytics. Its full range of digital tools helps automate marketing strategies and as a result increase productivity. Zoho helps with marketing, accounting, sales and human resources, thereby helping to streamline a digital marketer’s day to day small business operations.

Other features include;

  • Applications that support all the assets of your sales and marketing strategies.
  • Interactive email campaigns, forms and landing page builders.
  • Effective performance tracking and metrics.

Constant Contact:

Constant contact

It’s easy to build a brand using constant contact. With Constant Contact you can generate social ad campaigns using an ecommerce website and design professional marketing campaigns with simple drag and drop editor tools, it makes your digital marketing pretty cool.



Other features include;



  • Interactive email campaigns that helps you kick start communication with your audience.
  • Effective campaign reporting
  • Custom forms that helps you grow your contact list.

Engaging any of these marketing tools will help grow your business tremendously in the new year. Use it now and thank me later.

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