learn to Create profitable Facebook Advert for ₦ 3,000​

Every business or individual is interested in getting more sales for their business. Should you ask more people to buy your product or service?  No, I’m not talking about cold calling, hustling or going door to door.

I’m talking about what I am doing right now… using ads to do all the ‘hustling’. With just running a Facebook Advert i can ask more and more people to buy your product or services. My Advert can help me do my hustling instead of going from door to door or waiting for customers to come to my shop or office.

I bet if you sit in the comfort of your shop or office you can’t reach as much as 10,000 people in a day or even weeks. Most especially in this season of Covid-19 pandemic,  your business doesn’t need to suffer because of the lockdown. You can still reach your customers or target audience with Facebook Advert.

 If you need more customers or you want to make more sales online, no training in the world can help you better than this one.

Learn how to create a Facebook ad , that will increase your sales and help grow your side income.

And guess what? It is almost free, just for a token of ₦ 10,000   ₦ 3,000.

You may ask, if this course is so valuable, why is it this cheap? Here is why I am giving this training for a giveaway price.

I have been contacted by several people who wants to run ads especially in this lockdown. But they can hardly pay at my rate, so in other to provide my support for small businesses (because I know how hard it is trying to grow, as a small business owner); so, I decided to give it at this cheap rate.

Additionally, this is my way of giving back to individuals and businesses to cushion the effect of this Covid-19 pandemic. An opportunity for you to learn a new skill and earn a living during this phase of our lives.

You also have support for 2 weeks after the training, we won’t leave you to yourself but will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge required to succeed with your Facebook Advert. 

I can guarantee you that a lot has been put into this course to ensure you get value and if you do not learn anything after this course you are sure to get you money back.

So, what are you waiting for? You can’t get this opportunity anywhere.

What does this training offer?

  • You will learn how to properly target your audience (not everybody is your customer)
  • How to choose the right objective for your campaign?
  • How to set cost effective budget?
  • How to create your Ad – Creatives and Hard copy?

You will also get a Free Facebook Advertising ebook

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Class fills up fast, we are taking just 20 people 

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